We love seeing CEOs, and in this case self-proclaimed comic book writers/artists, dedicating their time to adoring fans and selling their work. These trade show rock stars/divas man their booths for many hours and play an active role in representing their companies to prospective clients and of course, those crazed fans out there. Archie Comics have sold 1.5 billion copies worldwide in many different languages, it is no wonder Dan Parent, the artist of the Archie Comics, is our rock star. He began his career at Archie Comics soon after graduating from the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. From there, Dan worked on numerous projects, including Veronica’s first solo comic, freelance work, as well as projects for Marvel, Disney, and Mattel. He is a man of many talents, and has a made a successful career out of a hobby that he has always enjoyed, comics. Women CEOS, we salute you! That is why Andi Green, CEO and creator of  Worry Woo Monsters, is our Diva. She created characters with a story that each embodied an emotion.  Her stuffed animals don’t talk, shoot, interact with others, or have avatars.  They are just stuffed animals.  A little comfort and simplicity in an otherwise wacky wold!

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