Photo booths are like theONswitch itself, bright and timeless. At first glance (or first flash) they may seem narcissistic…but the reality is that photo booths create a great opportunity for event attendees to bond, share, and enjoy.

They combine the best of old-fashioned photography with the miracles of next-gen technology. Some of the exhibitors sent us our photos via email, or shared them on Facebook via iPads. Those were our faves! We also loved the two FlipBook companies, who instantly created both paper and online “moving images.” Creative Halloween-themed backdrops and props added a spirit of seasonal spookiness and fun to the event. We also loved the “graffiti” technology that enabled us to decorate our photo with stencils, splashes of “paint” and shout-outs.

Jacob and I (the “show people”) visited every booth on the floor and posed for pix. The event lives on through these images – in still and full-motion.

Great hi-res photo from NYC Photography!


 Getting scared at NYC Photobooth!
Flipping around with the great people at
Jacob and I loved the high-quality flipbooks at Flipping Fun!
Doodling has never been so much fun with the world’s biggest iPhone from Interactive Entertainment!
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