New Takes on Old Traditions

What’s always fascinating about the trade show floor is the interesting mix of “old camp standards” (like wood kits and rocketry) and new age activities and trends.

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Be Gruvy…be Frocket-y…Be Clean

Being safe from the sun has never been more stylish with cool sun-safe duds from Gruvy Wear, including this matching skirt and top.

Campers can wear their hearts on their sleeves AND on their pockets. More than 100 variations on shirt pockets are the brainchild of Frocket.

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We just have to give a special shout-out to We Wash It laundry services. Their creative and simple booth included a bubble machine and two enthusiastic andfriendly exhibitors. They excelled at keeping their branding tidy and engaging!


Did you know that there are 8 ways to tie a tubie? Stickers and More says this tubular headwear is still one of their hottest-selling products.


Arts & Crafts for the New Era


Tiny Chefs is stirring up camp activities with their interactive cooking lessons.

And  dynamic Liana Bergman turns campers into canvases with her Glittertoos. Confession: The entire team from theONswitch got tats at her booth. We sparkle!

Some crafts have changed very little over the years. Painting plaster figurines and plaques is an ever-popular art. Plaster Art Creations Inc. has been manufacturing these masterpieces since 1962!


Having a Ball

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Their business card reads, “If volleyball and four square had a baby, it would be called Spikeball.” We captured some of the action on the show floor. Watch the action here!

It’s a sport AND a geometry lesson! We viewed demos of a multi-sided ping pong table, a game of Gaga, and something new and cool called Trangleball. Watch kids play it here.

Bowling is an ever-popular rainy day activity for campers. The tradition continues, but the lane is no longer dark and musty, thanks to Bowlmor Lanes.


And the Trophy Goes to…

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Campers, students (and most adults) love having something bold and shining to put on a desk or mantle or hang around their neck. Crown Trophy makes traditional trophies as well as medallions, plaques, and ribbons. The range of options has changed, but the feel one gets when presented with a trophy is truly timeless.

Compass Awards presented a new twist on the scout badge, with velcro symbols that can be affixed to fabric backings. We wish the equivalent existed for business good deeds!



Show Time

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Camp directors can now opt to take their campers back in time to see jousting at Medieval Times or buy group tickets to Broadway shows. (This ticket company called Givenik gives a percentage of sales to charity, making the activity entertaining AND charitable.)




The New Canteen

Gluten-free and healthy options abounded at the show (including several varieties of nut-free butters, which were all delicious). We sampled SunButter, Soy Nut Butter, and Wow Butter. What a lotta butta!

We’d like to give a HUGE shout-out to Driscoll Foods who gave out fresh fruit at their booth — the perfect snack in an otherwise carb-filled convention hall.


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